Shellie Uncapher

retention specialist / GED® Proctor

Shellie received her GED® in 1997 and went on to attend Stark State College, obtaining a certification in Gerontology, and studied Social Work and Human Services.

Shellie has a background of working in food service, customer service, tutoring, construction, and adult education. Shellie first came to Project Learn through a grant program and was hired on as staff shortly after. As a GED® recipient herself, Shellie has a unique perspective into the dynamics of classes, test structure, and our students experiences.

Shellie’s favorite thing about working for Project Learn is watching the growth of each student as they begin their journey and realize that they are capable of whatever they set their mind to. She takes pride in students achieving their goals.

In her free time, Shellie likes to crochet, sew, paint, garden, and do jigsaw puzzles. She also loves cats and has three, Miloh, Mieko, and Beans.

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